Red Dog: easy, fast and fun

Red Dog is nothing more than a card game where you have to determine the value of the third card drawn from the deck. It’s a simple game from all points of view and this also makes it easy to understand a little bit by all. Unlike other card games such as blackjack, Red Dog is much easier to play and you don’t need to be a skilled gambler to have fun and win some money.

The Red Dog story

As has happened a bit to all the games that take their origins from the United States, also for Red Dog the Old West has been decisive for its growth and popularity. After the French Revolution, this game crossed the borders and was also discovered in Europe, although like many card games it often took different names. For example, the first version of this game in the West took the name Yablon, while the same game in other contexts also took the name In-Between, Ace Deuce, until today when it resumed its old name Red Dog and is now a very popular game especially on online casinos.

The purpose of the game

The purpose of the Red Dog is to establish the value of the third card drawn from the deck, which is halfway between the value of the first card and that of the second. The number value of the cards is as follows: the Jack is worth 11, the Q 12, the Kappa 13, the Ace 14, and the cards from 2 to 10 keep the face value; while the suit has no relevance. The Red Dog is played with only one deck of cards which is systematically shuffled after each hand.

Differences between online and live Red Dog

The most important difference between the two games is only related to the fact that the Red Dog online is played against the dailer, sitting comfortably at home in your armchair; while the traditional one, which needs a deck of 54 French cards without the two jokers, can be played from a minimum of three elements, up to a maximum of ten. As said before, you win at Red Dog when you guess the value of the third card by placing it within the margin of the two drawn before. For online casinos, the margin paid is usually the same.

How to play Red Dog at an online casino

It’s very easy to play Red Dog in an online casino. The system deals two cards, the player bets and then the third card is drawn. If the two cards are consecutive it is a draw, while if the two cards are equivalent the third card is taken and if it is equal to the previous two, then you win. If the two cards are neither consecutive nor equal, then a radius is established, representing the value between the two cards previously drawn. From here you can raise or call (then continue but without raising) and once the third card is revealed you determine its value that if it is between the values of the two cards initially revealed you win, while if it is equal to one of the two cards or if it is outside the radius previously determined, then you lose.

Strategies in the Red Dog game

Red Dog being a very simple game based on the determination of the value of the third card drawn from the deck, it does not present any particular skill on the part of the player. The only strategy, in this game, can be implemented at the moment when the raises are made, i.e. when you go to double when the two cards are revealed. In addition to this, you can implement a strategy in the Red Dog, when determining the radius you realize that it is 7 or greater than 7. In this case the statistic provides a higher margin of victory for the player, and this is where the bettor will certainly have to double to bring home the maximum stakes.