The Superenalotto game, now also on the web

The game of Superenalotto, despite its short life, is one of the most exciting games of chance in our country, involving millions of players every week who make their bets to try their luck and try to literally change their lives thanks to the millionaire jackpots that are up for grabs.

Brief history of the game

The game was first introduced in Italy in 1997 by Rodolfo Molo, head of Sisal which is the company that manages the Superenalotto game in collaboration with AAMS which is the Autonomous State Monopolies which, as we know, in our country represents the government of gambling. The game was initially called Enalotto and predicted that the player who had made the winning combination that was given by the first ten numbers that came out of the 10 wheels of the lottery, would get the first prize that is the most important and that makes you rich, as the Superenalotto expected and still expects to win dizzying winnings.

The new regulation

In 2009, as far as the game of Superenalotto is concerned, a new regulation was introduced that is still valid and that foresees that the winner will be the player who succeeds in making a combination that is the result of the union of numbers that come from two different extractions that are performed thanks to the use of special machines for their mixing.

Low probability of success

The game of Superenalotto, compared to the games of chance present in the national territory and which are regulated by the AAMS present some peculiarities. In fact, despite its low probability of success (which is about 1 in 622,614,630) that a player has in making a six, every week there are many players who try their luck by using small to large sums (even thousands of euros) to buy systems that, theoretically, should help the player to statistically increase their chances of achieving a major cash win at Superenalotto.

The Online Game

Within one of the many platforms for online gambling, in our time, players have the opportunity to play Superenalotto without the need to go to a receptionist.
It is recommended to play on the internet as the player has the opportunity to benefit from many privileges.

The Convenience of AAMS Casinos

Playing the Superenalotto inside an AAMS Casino is worthwhile. In fact, the user will be able to benefit from the welcome bonuses, i.e., the excellent cash bonuses that are made available to all players who make, after registration, their first deposit into their gaming account, which is often around 100% of the deposit made. In this way, users have the opportunity to double their chances of achieving great winnings by playing Superenalotto. In addition, by playing in AAMS Online Casinos, users will be able to experience many other gaming alternatives to have fun in their free time and relive the same emotions as if they were interacting in traditional gaming rooms.